Episode 1

Published on:

7th Feb 2023

E1 - Exploring Self-Awareness for Conscious Leaders

In this episode we explore one of the most fundamental components for today's leaders: Self-Awareness

We explore what self-awareness has meant for us and discuss what we've seen in other leaders

How can self-awareness help you achieve what you're trying to achieve as a leader?

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About the Podcast

Show Up!
Exploring Conscious Leadership for Today's New Leaders
Show Up! is the podcast for the next wave of conscious leaders.

Those of you in the golden age of leadership, between 25 and 40 years old, and wondering what this journey into leadership is all about:
- What does leadership mean in today's world?
- How do your past experiences influence the way you lead?
- How can you get beyond the practical tools of leadership to build self-awareness and personal capacity as a leader?
- Is it possible to measure the impact of your leadership choices?

Deri, Graham and Jamie bring different lenses to this ever-moving landscape of leadership - encompassing executive coaching, data analytics, sense-making, consulting, skill development, and deep personal growth work.

We are bringing our interests & experiences together to explore what it means to Show Up as a conscious leader in today's world.

We don't have all the answers. Or even all the questions. These are open, exploratory discussions where our thinking is evolving in real-time. That's all part of the process.

We'd love to have you join us, join in, and start to understand how you too can Show Up as the leader you want to be.

About your hosts

Deri Hughes

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Deri's mission in life is to... Show up. I strive to be here, now, sharing all of me and welcoming all of you to build a productive, connected world with a bit more love and a bit more joy.
My background is in strategy consulting - and before that a PhD in Organic Chemistry. I spent several years at Bain & Company but since 2016 have been working with business leaders in small firms across consulting, education and property.
My passion is sharing openly to help others develop. I run a consulting skills training business (Honeycomb PS) built around a decentralised & transparent model that enables everyone to get involved where and when suits them.
I am a volunteer "staff man" for The Mankind Project, facilitating dozens of men each year on their own journeys into self-awareness and leadership. I believe in conscious leadership, personal responsibility, and enjoying the journey. I write about my own experiences at https://clearman.substack.com/
At home, my wife Jo and I have four beautiful children, a Bernedoodle called Luna, an old grumpy cat called Dodger, and a few guinea pigs. Outside work and family you might find me sitting in ice-cold water, lifting weights (I'm a competitive powerlifter), coaching rugby, or slow-smoking some big chunks of meat.

Graham Roberts

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Graham is motivated by a passion for enabling people to realise their full potential, so they can overcome the barriers that get in their way.
His expertise comes from real-world experiences across the globe consulting, coaching, speaking and facilitating engaging team development initiatives for organisations large and small, supporting their transformation through cutting edge, bespoke interventions that have had proven impact on individual and organisational performance.
With a particular interest in developing Multi-Generational teams to collaborate more effectively, he strives to listen, learn and meet the client where they are, so any invitation to explore a new way forwards is built off a foundation of mutual trust, respect and interest to grow.
His big motivator is a hunger to learn about what makes people tick, why they make the decisions they make and crucially how peoples’ motivation can be ignited to achieve what they aspire to be. He believes anything is possible, you just have to find the way to make it happen.
Graham’s background is in the Pharmaceutical Industry spanning various Operational, Leadership and Strategic roles, including Learning & Development.
He holds an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School, is an accredited MBTI practitioner and is a member of the Henley Centre for Coaching and Behavioural Change.
In his spare time Graham can be found either enjoying life with his wife Lisa, son Thomas and Alaskan Malamute Boba. Or exercising in preparation for an endurance adventure somewhere in the world.

Jamie Garner

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Jamie has spent most of his adult life working with human beings who are experiencing some form of complex transformation challenge – either with the business they lead or work for, or in their own personal development.
Clients have always valued his advisory support given that he has occupied nearly every type of role there is in a ‘transformation’ context – leading, advising, coaching, facilitating, programme design and delivery or just ‘being on the receiving end of it’.
His diversity of experience is also uniquely combined with expertise in the use of a range of analytics techniques that have been proven to give transformation insights on how to deliver even ‘greater positive impacts’ – either focused on behavioural impacts or simply from looking with different eyes at the ‘big workforce and organisational data’ surrounding key commercial success factors.
Jamie’s background includes time in senior global roles with HSBC, Experian, as a consultant with Deloitte and Arthur Andersen, coaching and mentoring a number of start-ups across Europe and time spent living and raising a family in Hong Kong, Chicago and London
He and his wife Rose now have 3 teenagers, 2 cats and a dog and he has just started to discover the joy of nurturing a bonsai tree. When he’s not with the family, you might find him at the local rugby club coaching the minis or juniors or in the clubhouse watching the internationals on a big screen.